Housing Policies

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Housing policies can help maintain affordability and plan for the future. Walnut Creek's Housing Element is a guiding policy document. The Commercial Linkage Fee and Inclusionary Housing Ordinance help to ensure that a broad range of housing, especially affordable housing, is available to people of varying income levels in Walnut Creek.


Housing Policy Workshop

The City of Walnut Creek held a stakeholder workshop on May 31, 2016  for residents, residential developers, commercial developers, housing advocates and interested parties to provide comments on the Inclusionary Housing and Commercial Linkage Fee ordinance update. The workshop presentations and the draft Residential and Commercial Nexus Study are available for review. Public comments will be published shortly.

May 31st Workshop Presentations

City of Walnut Creek Housing Program Presentation

Economic and Planning Systems, Inc. (EPS) Residential and Commercial Nexus Study Presentation

Inclusionary Housing and Commercial Linkage Fee Ordinance Resources for review

  1. Inclusionary Ordinance: The City’s current Inclusionary Ordinance
  2. Fee Reso 10-59: The City’s current fee resolution for the residential In Lieu and  Housing Impact Fees
  3. Commercial Linkage Fee Ordinance: The City’s current Commercial Linkage Fee Ordinance
  4. Residential Nexus Study – For Sale: Nexus-based affordable housing fee analysis for for-sale housing
  5. Residential Nexus Study – Rental:  Nexus-based affordable housing fee analysis for rental housing
  6. Commercial Nexus Study: Nonresidential development housing linkage fee nexus study
  7. Feasibility Considerations Memorandum: Affordable housing fee update considerations