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The City of Walnut Creek is proud to introduce Walnut Creek Saves, a new community program designed to save residents energy and water and to lower monthly bills. Walnut Creek Saves is administered by WattzOn and offered as a part of the City’s efforts to address climate change and reach their sustainability goals. The program has been successfully run in over thirty communities across the country including in neighboring cities like Benicia and Livermore.

Walnut Creek Saves is a free program available to all residents, homeowners or renters, which offers the following benefits: free home consultations where residents learn how to save energy, water and money and free access to an online energy saving account  called “The Energy Center” to encourage continued savings after the consultations (the “Energy Center” is a great tool to use even if the resident decides to opt out of the home consultation). Furthermore, this program helps build a stronger local economy by creating discretionary income which is spent locally and by offering training and paid internships in energy efficiency to local high school students.

The home consultations are geared towards showing the exact changes the resident can make to have a more energy efficient home while receiving free efficiency products to jump-start the savings right away (like LED bulbs and low-flow devices). The program is not a sale call but rather a home visit and an integrated platform tool to help our residents with energy savings through habit changes and small upgrades. You can sign up today by visiting or by calling 1-800-314-5997.

Interested in getting Electric Vehicle Chargers at your site?

California Public Utilities Commission has recently approved PG&E’s “EV Charge Network” program designed to expand access to electric vehicle charging stations throughout Northern and Central California. This program aims to install 7,500 EV charging stations at apartments, condominium complexes, multi-unit dwellings and workplaces that can host 10 or more stations over the next three year period, beginning late 2017. The “EV Charge Network” program is open to PG&E customers, MCE customers, and Direct Access customers. 

In the initial phase, PG&E is urging potential applicants to join their list in order to take advantage of this program’s benefits, which include discounts up to 25-100% on charging equipment, streamlined permitting, construction and design, and prequalified charger packages - all subsidized  by the program.

To join the list, submit an early application, or to learn more about the program and its requirements,please visit PG&E's webpage.

Walnut Creek's Library Is Now Electrical Vehicle Friendly

Photo of the EV Chargers

Visitors to Walnut Creek’s library can now charge their electric car in the library garage. The city has installed five level-two chargers by EV Connect to meet the growing demand for electrical vehicle infrastructure.

With the new additions, the City of Walnut Creek has 35 EV charging stations. We are working diligently to find new funding resources to expand the city’s zero-emission vehicle infrastructure in the near future. The chargers are offered free of cost and they are available from 6 am to midnight. Plan your next visit by downloading the EV Connect app from Apple or Google Play Store, plug in and enjoy a good book while your car is charging.

California Youth Energy Services in Walnut Creek


In the summer of 2016, Rising Sun partnered with the City of Walnut Creek for a second year to host the California Youth Services program. CYES employed 4 Walnut Creek youth and served 231 Walnut Creek area residents.

Rising Sun Energy Center, a nonprofit, partners with cities and PG&E Energy Watch Partnerships to deliver the California Youth Energy Services (CYES) program. CYES employs local youth to perform energy efficiency and water conservation assessments and installations in local homes - at no cost to the customer. The program provides a positive experience for the local youth adults enabling them to make a difference in their community, helping the environment, and shaping their future success.

In Walnut Creek, the youth Energy Specialists installed energy efficient devices (LED light bulbs,smart power strips, etc) and water saving devices (kitchen and bathroom aerators) in local homes. These home improvements led to the annual reduction of 37,146.20 kWh, 64 therms and 338 thousand gallons of water, preventing 26.0 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year. This is the equivalent to avoiding CO2 greenhouse gas emissions from the following: 2,920 gallons of gasoline consumed, 4 homes' electricity use for one year, 60.4 barrels of oil consumed.